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Perfecting Integrated Payments

We believe that you can’t be great at anything if you try to be good at everything. So, we’ve chosen to focus our business on one thing – perfecting integrated payments.

Who We Are


rom a team that has dedicated their careers to creating solutions designed specifically for software providers and their customers, Paragon Payment Solutions knows integrated payment processing.

Paragon is the next era of integrated payments, delivering tailored solutions and strategic partnerships that help software providers and their customers grow and manage thriving businesses.

Why We Are Different

Our PURE approach to payment processing is built on a simple idea — focus exclusively on perfecting integrated payments by delivering secure, cost effective solutions and purpose-built programs thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of ISVs and merchants.

In an industry where transparency is the exception, not the norm and confusion selling runs rampant, we offer an alternative – simple, straightforward yet creative programs designed to help ISVs truly monetize payment processing paired with top-notch merchant processing solutions including honest, upfront pricing and no hidden fees.

At Our Core

Ease of Integration

With the Paragon technology, you don’t need to choose ease of integration over functionality—get the best of both worlds through our simple API and supporting products and services.

Pure Partnerships

For us, quality over quantity is the name of the game. Our focus is to develop highly specialized, strategic partnerships with hand-selected partners rather than to have the most partnerships in the industry.

The Paragon Approach

We are here to improve integrated payment processing by making it simple and profitable for software providers and cost-effective for customers to securely accept and manage payments.

Comprehensive Products & Services

We have all the secure technologies that you know and trust:  Point-to-point encryption, Hosted Payments, EMV, Mobile SDK, Tokenization and more.

The Processing Platform

Our technology is built on a highly sophisticated processing platform that rivals that of the biggest banks and processors. World-class technology meets hands on service & support.

Security as our Foundation

Featuring a comprehensive suite of integrated payment solutions that simplify data security and reduce the cost and complexity of PCI compliance, our platform is ideal for ISVs and merchants.

Get Started Now!

Ready to see our API or open a Test Account?  Looking for more information on our Partner Programs? Interested in a Merchant Account? We’re looking forward to helping you get started.

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