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To revolutionize integrated payments through tailored solutions and strategic partnerships.  It’s easy to throw words like “partnership” around. Our mission is to live the part in every way we interact with software partners.

Paragon Payment Solutions is an industry leading integrated payments provider committed to delivering tailored solutions and strategic partnerships that help software providers and their customers excel. Look to our proven team of integrated payments industry professionals to provide innovations purpose-built for ISVs and merchants.

Roy Bricker
Chief Executive Officer

A payments expert with more than 30-years of industry experience, Roy has extensive industry expertise in the areas of technology and product development, compliance, security, operations, and customer support. Prior to joining Paragon, Roy most recently helped to grow a start-up to a multi-billion-dollar processing company and played a significant role in the smooth transitioning of its operations through the company’s ultimate acquisition. Before joining Paragon, he served in senior positions with other payments companies, including Element Payment Services, Concord EFS, CMGI, and MasterCard Worldwide. Roy earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Queens College and his MBA at Fordham University.

Brock Robertson
President & Chief Marketing Officer

Brock Robertson adds more than 25 years of strategic sales, marketing, and operations experience to the team.  Prior to joining Paragon, he helped to grow an integrated payments enterprise from start-up to a Top 25 acquirer, processing volume in excess of $11 billion annually. In addition to responsibilities as Paragon’s president and CMO, Brock serves on the Board of Directors where his 14+ years of executive leadership experience guide company direction. Brock is responsible for collaborating with leadership, directors, and investors to develop and execute strategies to ensure Paragon’s position as the innovative leader in the integrated payments space.

Jason Briedis
Chief Technology Officer

Jason has over 20 years of experience in the payments industry.  Before joining Paragon, Jason designed and developed a payment platform that revolutionized the Integrated Payments space.  Being the first to implement cornerstone PCI technologies such as point to point encryption and tokenization, that platform became the “go forward” solution for many integrations to the largest payment processor in the US.  Jason is currently focused on securing and expanding the services offered by the Paragon Payment Solutions platform.

Jason Melody
Vice President, Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Jason is a highly talented partner executive with more than 18 years of experience in the payments industry. Most recently, he served in leadership positions at several large payments companies including World Pay and Clearent.  Prior to that he helped build a start-up to a multi-billion-dollar processing company and played a significant role in helping software providers monetize their payments programs.

Eric Hoke
Vice President, Integrated Payments

Eric is a results-driven veteran of both payment processing and software solutions industries with more than 20 years of strategic and tactical knowledge, experience, execution and accomplishments.  At Paragon, Eric is focused on developing strategic partnerships with leading software providers to truly monetize their payments programs.

Sidney Chiappetti
Vice President, Marketing

Equal parts marketing strategist and tactician for over 15 years, Sidney is a performance-driven marketing leader with a passion for helping software providers turn their integrated payments programs into highly lucrative revenue streams.  Prior to joining Paragon, Sidney played a key role in helping grow an integrated payments boutique to Top 25 acquirer who was purchased by one of the world’s largest payments companies.

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