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Use Your COVID-19 Contactless Downtime to Add Contactless Payments

COVID-19 has thrust the business world into unanticipated downtime, less commuting and more time at home. This time offers a unique opportunity to chip away at many of your product roadmap initiatives as well as time to evaluate improvements and how you can enhance your customer experience in our current climate. Upgrading your payments integration to include contactless payments is a prime example as to one of the items you can cross off your list.

The Future Is Now

The trends for retail were already demonstrating changes from companies focused on bricks-and-mortar shops with POS systems that accept credit cards, cash or checks. Slowly, small business owners have begun to incorporate online buying options. Likewise, contactless payments have become increasingly popular and desired.

Contactless Payments

As businesses have begun the process of reopening their physical locations they’ve had to consider safety in customer experiences, including how to handle payment transactions. Forbes predicts that contactless payments are the wave of the future, even after the threat of the pandemic passes. These systems offer consumer and small business benefits in that they:

  • Increase customer confidence in the store’s safety protocols
  • Shorten transactions times, which then leads to shorter wait times for customers
  • Increase the volume of sales due to the ability to serve more customers
  • Decrease fraud risks due to common features such as two-factor identification that most contactless payment systems utilize

How to Add Contactless Payments to Your Software

Making smart changes to your software now, puts you in a better position to not only survive the pandemic intact, but also to thrive moving forward. To effectively and efficiently incorporate contactless payments into your software, check out Paragon’s PUREcloud solution.  A solution in which a simple, single integration opens up a wide variety of device options for your customers.

The Paragon Solution

Contact us today at (800) 884-5208 and let’s work together on building your company’s future now.

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