Container Software for Payment Integration

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Container Software for Payment Integration

How would you know if your integrated payments provider uses a container software package for their payment development? You wouldn’t, nor would you care. An easy integration that processes payment requests instantaneously and accurately should be your main concern.  However, it’s important that your integrated payments provider is keeping up with the latest trends in software development to manage their own technology which is why container software for payment integration is important.

Scalability Is Important to Payment Processors

According to a 2017 Experian report, the average American has 3.1 credit cards and 2.5 retail cards. That’s a lot of plastic floating around our wallets. When consumers unleash those cards they generate an astronomical number of transactions.

Software providers need integrated payments providers that have platforms that are able to scale to handle volume during peak times. The scalability that occurs behind the scenes, is most likely the result of a container software package that is being used by the integrated payments provider.

Containers Represent the Latest Generation of Distributed Computing

Anyone who has been to the supermarket on a busy day can immediately understand how this works. When the lines are long, the supervisor brings in additional cashiers to redistribute the workload and check customers out quicker. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to work. When things slow down, the supervisor shuts down lanes that are no longer necessary.

In computer-talk, there is a service that is responsible for activating and deactivating containers. For payment processors, some might process payment card transactions while others might process credits. When the workload grows, the service spins up or activates additional instances to handle it. When things slow, the service spins down containers that are no longer necessary. The flexibility and adjustability offered by this approach explain why software providers should use an integrated payments provider that leverages container software packages.

The Best Payment Providers Always Deliver Fast Responses

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