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What Is the Link Between PCI Compliance and COVID-19?

A COVID-19 test may be used to determine if you can travel, work, or attend school. When the test comes back negative, however, it could be too soon to celebrate. The CDC says the same exposure that results in a negative test one day could result in a positive test the next day. All you know for sure is that you did not have the virus at the moment you were tested. And just like a COVID test, PCI Compliance PCI compliance has the same point-in-time assessment. Achieving PCI compliance one day does not ensure that your business will be compliant the next day, week, or month.

Protecting Your Business

Payment security is vital for any business that deals with credit cards. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) establishes 12 requirements which must be proven to ensure the safety of cardholder data. Among the areas of concern are:

  • Encrypting and Protecting Cardholder Data
  • Securing and Monitoring Networks
  • Restricting and Recording Employee Access
  • Developing and Managing an Antivirus Firewall Program
  • Writing and Implementing Security Policies

Repeating the Tests

To know that you are COVID-free you get tested as exposure and risks warrant testing.  PCI compliance also requires ongoing assessment. Every aspect of PCI compliance must be regularly monitored, tested, and updated to ensure that your company and customers are safe. Without regular maintenance your business could be at risk for data breaches, fines, audits, and lawsuits.

Identifying Risks

Just as remaining healthy means avoiding certain risky environments, remaining PCI compliant means identifying areas that could be compromised or problematic. A breach in security could mean stolen cardholder data and identities, costly liabilities for financial institutions, loss of trust, and potentially the loss of your businesses ability to accept credit payments.

Finding Solutions

Paragon is here to help you navigate PCI compliance with ease. For more information we encourage you to check out our whitepapers on PCI compliance for both merchants and ISVs.

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