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How Software Providers Can Provide Value to Customers with Integrated Payments Data

Proper data management is more vital to modern businesses than ever before, especially as the amount of data to keep up with rises. Older, manual methods eventually fail to keep up and cost you time and money. Integrated payments allow your customers to automate payment processing and tie it into other information channels.  This added information provides new insights to better serve not only your business but your software customers as well.

Improved Forecasting

Focus groups and field research are the traditional methods of assessing customer behavior, but these involve considerable time and money. Integrated payments data allows real-time analysis through a single data channel, collecting information on popular items, customer habits, lifestyle preferences and more. This information enables you to construct more accurate customer profiles and build more effective plans for software growth and profitability. s.

Secure Customer Data

Integrated payments solutions feature improved security services that safeguard customers’ data. Many offer cloud-based cardholder data storage, keeping sensitive data on off-site servers. Integrated payments solutions follow PCI-compliant standards that promote data security, such as tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to guard customer data both ‘at rest’ and as it’s being transmitted.

Streamlining Service

For merchants, serving customers is quicker and easier when integrated payments systems allow fast and reliable payment processing, both at the point-of-sale and in back-office operations. With less labor dedicated to managing data from various endpoints, the information all runs through a single system. Customer service can also more easily be made personal, as integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) tools facilitates recognition of return customers and their purchase history. This allows easier returns, loyalty bonuses, special offers and more to make customers happier.

Valuable payment partnerships, that extend far beyond a payment integration are possible with Paragon Payment Solutions. A straightforward platform boasting customizable solutions, backed by specialized guidance, lets your business run smoothly and promotes customer trust and satisfaction.

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