Finding an Effective Payment Gateway API

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Four Things to Look for in a Payment Gateway API

If you’re looking to add payment processing to your software and create innovative solutions for the unique challenges your company faces, you need access to a payment gateway API. Because many providers now offer this level of access, here are four important things to look for in an effective integrated payments partnership.

Clear API Documentation

 Your developers need to work effectively which means the payment gateway API documentation should be clear and easy to understand. This can save your company time, money and prevent countless headaches. It also gives you easy access to even more innovation and customization like secure cardholder storage with Tokenization or seamless account updates with Card Account Updater.

Efficient Sandbox Environment

 Testing and fine-tuning APIs can be complicated, particularly if they are still being developed. Alleviate any concerns or errors before your customer experiences them by utilizing a sandbox or test environment. This allows your developers to test new features and work out any issues effectively.  Your integrated payments provider should be able to offer you a test account that actively simulates a live processing environment,.

 Complete Mobile Capabilities

 In 2018, over 198 million shoppers used a mobile device to browse, buy and research online products. This number has been growing significantly in the past decade, so an effective payment gateway API must be fully compatible with mobile payments with a mobile SDL.

 Full PCI Compliance

To be trustworthy, make sure your payment provider is PCI compliant. Compliance ensures businesses will operate in a safe and protected manner. A payment provider that doesn’t take PCI compliance seriously could leave you and your customers exposed.

Enjoy Dynamic Payment Solutions with Paragon Payment Solutions

 At Paragon Payment Solutions, we offer solutions for all of your payment integration needs. You’ll not only receive access to our payment APIs, we also give you and your developers the support you need to achieve personalized, effective payment solutions. If you’re ready to take your payment integration to the next level, open a test account today.

Ready to see our API or open a test account?  Looking for more information on our Partner Programs?  Are you a merchant with a question?  We are here to help!

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