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Three Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Integrated Payments Provider

In today’s market, as a software provider there are many integrated payments providers that you can choose to partner with.  And while these integrated payments providers are essential to your business and your customers, it may be necessary to switch partners as your current payments partner may no longer meet your needs. Here are three signs it is time to find a new integrated payments provider.

Your Customers Can’t Use Certain Payment Methods

All providers accept traditional payment forms such as credit and debit cards. However, your customers might want more digital payment options like Apple Pay and mobile wallets. Digital payments are a tremendous driver of sales and you may need to move on from your current integrated payments provider if they don’t provide this option.

Your Provider Uses Outdated Technology

Another vital sign you need to find a new provider is old, outdated technology.  Integrated payments providers that rely on clunky technology can cause significant problems for your business and your investors.  For example, many of your customers may want robust reporting and transaction data for accounting purposes. Some older technologies may make this a cumbersome process. Switching to a provider that uses modern reporting will solve many of these problems.

Your Integrated Payments Provider Offers Limited Support

Having access to support resources is critical to keeping not only your business running smoothly but your merchant customers as well. If a customer has a problem with a transaction or you want to implement a change, it’s nice for customers to have a support number to call and for you to have an account manager that you can quickly contact. Some providers do not have phone support which costs everyone valuable time and frustration.

Partner with the Best

If you want to switch to an integrated payments provider that offers digital payment options, extensive support services, and the newest technology, consider Paragon Payment Solutions.

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