Why an Integrated Payments Boutique is Better

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Boutique Providers Often Out-Maneuver the Big Guys – A Must in the World of Integrated Payments

Software developers seeking ways to include integrated payments capability might be initially drawn to partner with large solution providers to foster a sense of security as they enter unfamiliar territory. However, quite often, boutique companies that specialize in integrated payments can offer many advantages that the behemoths are incapable of supplying. In the ever-changing and continually shifting waters of consumer payment system development, bigger is not always necessarily better.

Life on the Cutting Edge

The integrated payments industry leads the way in promising new and developing technologies like AI and IoT. Since these concepts are still in their infancy, their course of evolution is still unknown. Niche payment solution providers often have the will to incur the risks that are inherent when working with the latest applied sciences. Larger corporations tend to play it safe, staying closer to the known shoreline than the adventurous high-tech diminutives that typically don’t mind entering uncharted waters.

Quick, Nimble and Adaptable

In addition to their intrepid qualities, boutique payment companies can also usually outstrip their larger counterparts when it comes to switching directions when necessary. In the unpredictable environment of payment technology, consumer whims often dictate the latest trends. When a shift occurs in the direction of software developer preferences and needs, boutique providers have the advantage of being able to adjust quickly and deftly without having to go through a lengthy approval process.

Individual Attention

Contrary to what you may have heard (or experienced), personal service is not a thing of the past. In fact, in today’s business environment it is more important than ever.  When a problem arises, having a trusted adviser who calls you by name is always better than having to take a number.

Big Capabilities, Close Contact

If you are a software developer seeking an integrated payments partnership, consider Paragon Payments Solutions. With a proven track record of putting the individual needs of their partners’ customers first and a suite of advanced developer tools, Paragon Payment Solutions can give your software the best of both worlds.

Ready to see our API or open a test account?  Looking for more information on our Partner Programs?  Are you a merchant with a question?  We are here to help!

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