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A Paragon Partner Testimonial

Integrating payment processing into software applications requires developers to create customized solutions that meet their merchant clients’ requirements for security, functionality, and reliability. Paragon Payment Solutions is focused on providing tailored integrated payment processing options that offer exceptional benefits to ISVs and their customers. With Paragon as an integrated payments partner, software developers can provide their customers with exceptional payment processing and accelerate their own business growth. Here’s the inspiring success story of one of Paragon’s software partners, Mark.

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Specialized Knowledge and Experience

Most software developers are experts in their fields. Mark had the experience and specialized knowledge to start his own company providing customized software to health and wellness businesses. However, no one can be an expert in all aspects of business, software, and security, so efficient software development requires outsourcing certain tasks to specialists. As Mark found out, it’s crucial to partner with the right experts for essential tasks such as integrated payment processing.

Advantages of Partnering with Paragon

 Mark was impressed with the numerous advantages he gained as an integrated payments partner with Paragon:

  • Access to customized programs and tools
  • Marketing and sales assistance
  • Innovative new solutions to meet his customers’ needs

Paragon’s team of experts provided Mark with reliable integrated payments solutions that helped him satisfy his customers and supported his own company’s growth.

Reliable Revenue Streams

One of the best benefits Paragon provided Mark was the opportunity to monetize his payment processing. As an integrated payments partner with Paragon, Mark was able to turn payment processing revenue into his company’s leading source of income. This allowed him to enjoy greater business success in a stress-free way that didn’t require him to increase his own workload.

Discover How a Paragon Partnership Can Grow Your Business

With the right integrated payments partner, you can improve the functionality of your software applications and provide top-notch benefits to your customers. Improving your applications can help your business become more competitive in the marketplace and lead to sustainable long-term growth. Paragon Payment Solutions offers excellent advantages and opportunities for developers.

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