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Using Integrated Payments Residuals To Get Unicorn Valuation Status

Do you dream of being at the helm of a software company with coveted unicorn financing status? According to Investopedia, this term describes a privately held company valued at a minimum of $1 billion. Software companies can leverage the power of integrated payment residuals to drive profit and get closer to achieving that hallowed benchmark.

The Basics of Integrated Payments

Implementing integrated payment systems within your software products can create a sustainable revenue stream you can use to grow your business. If you have functional, intuitive, useful software that solves a client problem, working with an experienced payments provider allows your customers to accept and process customer payments directly within your existing interface.

Benefits of Integrated Payments Residuals Solution

With integrated payments, customer transactions are fast and easy, reducing human error and saving time and money that would otherwise be used to manually process sales. Every transaction appears immediately in your customers general ledger, which makes it easy for your customers to visualize the cash flow at the end of each day.

How Revenue Can Drive Unicorn-Level Growth

As a software provider, you have various options when it comes to earning residuals in partnership with an integrated payments provider. This income stream could be in the form of a percentage of credit card sales processed through your software, a flat rate for every transaction or a combination of both.

When you have steady residual earnings in place, put them to work for your business by reinvesting and increasing your likelihood of becoming a unicorn. For example, you can boost your marketing and advertising campaigns, fund new product development or hire additional employees.

To learn more about the power of integrated payment residuals, contact the team at Paragon Payment Solutions. We look forward to our role in fostering the growth of your software business.

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