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Grow Your Business with an Integrated Payments Partner

If you’ve developed a software product, you may already know about the value of recurring income through third-party partnerships. Partnering with an integrated payments provider gives you additional opportunities to earn revenue through integrated payments residuals.

How do Integrated Payments Residuals Amplify Growth?

Residual payments are an easy way to grow your bottom line. In addition to the revenue you’ll collect from your software, most (if not all) integrated payments providers will pay you a residual based on your customer’s merchant processing volumes.

Because you’re receiving passive income, you can now put your attention and resources towards growing your business. This added time and money can be used in a few different ways:

  • Develop new software products in other industries.
  • Enhance your development roadmap to improve your existing software.
  • Invest in advertising to market to new customers

Integrated payments residuals enable you to explore new ideas that can eventually grow your business beyond your initial software product. Not to mention, by partnering with a payments provider that enhances the functionality of your software, you’re increasing your ability to sell your product. With over 100,000 businesses in the US that focus on software and information technology, standing out is imperative.

Why Focus on Payments Residuals vs. Venture Capital?

Venture capital funding can be a quick way to secure financing for your business. However, it comes with some risks that may impact you growing your business the way you want.

A venture capitalist rarely offers an investment without expecting something in return. This can sometimes mean repaying the investment within a certain period or having to give up a percentage of what your company earns through equity. Additionally, your investors may want to have a large say in how you run and grow your company.  Integrated payments residuals provide access to income with minimal work, along with the benefit of allowing you to maintain complete control of your business.

Select the Best Payments Provider

Optimize your software by partnering with Paragon Payment Solutions. Contact us to learn more about how integrated payments residuals can help your bottom line.

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