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Prepare for Payment Integration with These Best Practices

When you invest the time in adding integrated payments to your software, you’re investing in the convenience of your clients and the future of your business. Following these payment integration best practices can help you avoid costly pitfalls and smooth the way for streamlined operations for your customers.

Consider Customer Needs

Think about how your software supports your customers and how various payments features within your software can not only enhance your positioning in the marketplace but make help your customers businesses run more efficiently.

Security Standards

Choose an integrated payments partner that simplifies PCI compliance. For software providers it is vitally important that their payment solution is out of scope of compliance requirements. In the event of a breach or other catastrophic security event the business and brand are at risk of financial liability and loss of customers. By shifting the risk and liability of handling cardholder data to a PCI compliant third-party payment partner, software providers can easily keep their costs down and applications out of scope.

Strive for Partnership

Your payment processing provider should have the resources to support your company throughout the integration process and beyond. Without robust customer service and tech support, you put your business at risk of profit loss trying to make up for your partners shortcomings as your payments partner is the payments expert, not the software provider. ¬†Ideally, you’ll find a partner that will guide you through future updates and handle bumps in the road with ease.

At Paragon Payment Solutions we serve as your partner in navigating these and other payment integration best practices. We offer diverse solutions and targeted strategic partnerships for software providers, personalized to your industry and business needs.

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