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How to Maximize Your Payment Processing Revenue

Payment processing residuals can be a valuable source of income for your software company. This revenue is based on the monthly credit, debit and ACH volume processed by your software.  These recurring profits can have a wonderful effect on business growth for both startups and established companies alike.

How To Increase Your Payment Processing Revenue

If you want to take advantage of your residuals, the first step is to add integrated payments to your software. Don’t include payment processing as an afterthought; make it a major selling point of your complete solution. This is key to increasing your payment processing revenue.

The Benefits of Maximizing Integrated Payment Residuals

Payment processing revenue is especially valuable for ISVs because of the front-loaded nature of software development expenses. Residuals are consistent and always available once your customers adopt the feature and run transactions through the software. Residuals are essentially working capital with no strings attached; you can use them for anything you need from tax payments to marketing costs:

  • Technology improvements: Take your software offerings to the next level with next-gen development tools.
  • Team growth: Flexible working capital can also enable you to hire extra employees. With additional professionals on your team, you can streamline software creation and handle more projects in the same time frame.
  • Company value: If you’re planning on selling your software business, payment residuals should definitely appear on your balance sheet. This revenue can make your company more attractive to interested buyers.

One of the biggest benefits of residuals is that they have the power to create additional revenue. The more you make, the more you have to invest in features that appeal to your clients. As your customer base grows, the amount of residuals you earn increases, giving you even more profits to use for continued expansion. To discover more benefits of working with a trusted integrated payments partner, contact our team at Paragon Payment Solutions

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