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Top Three Payment Integration Best Practices

 Deciding on the right partner and payment integration for your software can be a challenge. That said, it doesn’t have to be when you know what you should be looking for and the questions you should be asking. There are some best practices by which you should abide when going through the evaluation process, three of which are as follows:

  1. Ask the Right Questions

When you sit down with your prospective integrated payments partner, ask about what type of support you can expect for integration, how the company addresses PCI compliance and what go-live assistance looks like to help drive customer adoption. The right company should be able to help you through all development stages, take the reins and steer you away from liabilities and losses and provide you with highly customizable marketing tactics that result in high adoption rates of your payment integration.

  1. Determine Which Capabilities Matter Most to You

Not all payment integration solutions are created equal, and each offers differing capabilities that come with unique benefits. Unfortunately, there’s no one “perfect” solution, but there is the perfect solution for you. You can identify that solution by knowing what matters most to your customers. Do you prioritize mobile capabilities? Point-to-point encryption? Tokenization? Card Account Updater? Decide what matters to you and your customers and go from there.  Look to your integrated payments partner to help assist you in adding a viable, sellable payment integration.

  1. Inquire About Up-time

Nothing is more frustrating or costlier than a downed payment system. Ask providers about average up-time. Ideally, the company you go with should boast an up-time of 99.9 percent.

The payment integration partner you choose to use can have a significant impact on your bottom line, not to mention your reputation and customer relations. Do your due diligence before heading down the payment integration development path.

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