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A Payment Vendor Is No Substitute for a Payment Partner

Congratulations! You have just rolled out your brand-new payment processing integration, now what? How do you get your customers to adopt this great new integrated payment solution? Once you have had a few successful beta customers, it’s time to role the module out to the masses.  Did your current payment partner provide any sales and marketing items to assist?  If the answer is no, you might be working with just a payment vendor.

When it Comes to Sales and Marketing A Payment Vendor Is Not a Partner

Think of a payment vendor the same way that you think about an ATM machine. With an ATM machine, it is up to you to push the right buttons. Similarly, a payment vendor tells you the rules that need to be followed, and you do the rest of the work. This means that you and your sales and marketing team need to:

  1. Learn how to market payments to your customers.
  2. Determine the best way to convert your customer base to use the new payments module.
  3. Establish the appropriate messaging and communication vehicles to drive customer adoption.
  4. Create all the collateral, messaging and creative needed for the necessary conversion campaigns.
  5. Find the bandwidth amongst your team to execute.

What You Really Need Is a Partner

From the day you completed your current payment integration you knew that selling integrated payments to your existing customer base was going to be no easy task at hand.  What you didn’t know, was that when you partner with a true integrated payments partner, the process is simple. With a payment partner like Paragon Payment Solutions you don’t need to worry about all the details of a sales and marketing campaign to drive customer adoption.  Paragon handles it all:

  1. Co-branded landing pages.
  2. Turn-key email campaigns.
  3. Customized digital content.
  4. Extra bandwidth to execute on your behalf.

It’s Time to Cure Your Payment Processing Headache

In Paragon Payment Solutions, you will find the payment partner you’ve been looking for. By combining what we do best with what you do best, we both become winners. Get started now by signing up for a test account or contact us for more information.

Ready to see our API or open a test account?  Looking for more information on our Partner Programs?  Are you a merchant with a question?  We are here to help!

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