Difference Between Payment SDK And Payment API

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What You Need To Know About Payment SDKs and Payment APIs

Reliable and secure payment processing is vital for any business. When you are looking to add payment processing to your software solution do you choose an API or an SDK? Before you decide, be sure you understand the differences between a payment SDK and a payment API and why one may be more appropriate than the other for your needs.

Software Development Kits

A software development kit is an entire downloadable set of libraries, documentation, sample code, APIs and other tools that enable a developer to integrate features into software and mobile apps. The name says it all. Just like you would expect a model car kit to have everything you need to construct a model car, an SDK gives the developer everything they need to add pre-built capabilities to their applications. There are SDKs specific to different platforms or operating systems such as Android or iOS.

Application Interfaces

An application interface or API is is a set of instructions that allows for interpretation or creativity. Much like a recipe, two people can use the same one but, based on training and experience, the end result may differ significantly as will the time it takes to complete it. They are responsible for the interaction between applications and are often used in combination with other APIs as the basis for complex microservices architecture.

SDKs vs. APIs

Some say that a payment API is the better option due to the flexibility, scalability and reusability over an SDK. Others believe the SDKs offer expedited time to market, easier integration and enhanced security combined with cost savings and reliability over APIs alone. SDKs may be easier to use for more basic functionality, while APIs may allow for future growth or enhanced functionality.

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