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How To Make Your Payments Program a Success

When trying to make your software more profitable, it can be beneficial to add an integrated payment solution. Partnering with an integrated payments provider can lead to business growth and prosperity.  Here are a few ways you can set up your program up for success.

Prioritize Cardholder Security

In an increasingly credit card driven economy, consumers are becoming more aware of the risks involved when paying with a card over cash. While 60% of consumers use online bill pay, 30% still feel their personal information could be jeopardized. Merchants, too, are weary of the high costs associated with data breaches. Software companies can rest easy — data can be safeguarded with the right technology, including:

Sales & Marketing Programs

Integrated payments can result in a highly lucrative revenue stream for your business. What you may not know, is that some integrated payments providers provide you with all the sales and marketing tools you need to drive customer adoption.  Look for a partner that offers turn-key marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of your software and the payment processing features. Driving customer adoption should be easy and painless.

Listen to Your Customers

As the saying goes, “the customer is always right”. Your customer will always make it clear to you as to what their needs are, especially when it comes to software features. Perhaps your customer needs a specific payment functionality, or unique settlement features like split DDA funding – no matter what the feature or the unique requirement is, you must be able to meet your customers needs. Unfortunately, when it comes to specific features that are built using a third-party API, you are at the helm of the API owner.  Partner with a payment solutions for software provider that understands the importance of custom development work and happy customers.

In order to run a thriving payments program, the use of top software coupled with sales and marketing can be the perfect recipe for success. Don’t navigate the world of payment processing alone. Partnering with the strategic and innovative services at Paragon Solutions can provide growth opportunities for software companies looking to expand their payments processing programs.

Ready to see our API or open a test account?  Looking for more information on our Partner Programs?  Are you a merchant with a question?  We are here to help!

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