Requirements for a Payment Gateway Integration

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The Three Requirements for a Payment Gateway Integration

What Are The Three Things a Developer Needs For a Payment Integration?

We at Paragon Payment Solutions offer a host of powerful payment integration tools for software developers looking to add a payment gateway to their software. Setting up an integration can be as simple as completing the three steps we’ve outlined below. This straightforward process makes our payment gateway one of the easiest to work with in the industry. When you start working with Paragon Payment Solutions, these three steps for your payment gateway integration are all you need.

  • Get Your Test Account

 The first step towards adding payments to your software is to open a test account. This will allow you to take the Paragon’s PURE® Processing Platform for a test drive in a non-production environment. In this step you will: get your code ready to process payments through the gateway.

  • Open a Test Account.
  • Review documentation.
  • Explore adding products such as Tokenization and Card Account Updater.

Having a test account gives you access to everything you need for your integration. Registration is quick and easy. We promise!

  • Code and Certify

Once you’ve created your test account, you’ll be ready to start writing code using our API. As a developer, you should find this process familiar. Our solution uses a fully-documented REST API, so working with it is easy. All the necessary documentation is available through your test account. You can also preview documentation by clicking here.

When you are ready, our team will review your code for certification. This process helps to ensure that everything will perform as expected. Our goal is to make sure all your business requirements for a payment gateway integration are satisfied, and your solution will be a success.

  • Go Live

 Following the certification review, you will be ready to go live. Once live, your software will be ready to take live transactions. The process really is that simple. If that sounds too good to be true, see for yourself by exploring our developer portal.

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