How Well Is Your Payments Integration Meeting Customer Needs?

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How Well Is Your Payments Integration Meeting Customer Needs?

Over the past few years, many options have taken over the payments market. The variety of features you provide can contribute to customer happiness and what you can offer depends on the payments partner you choose. So, how well is your payments integration meeting the needs of your customers?

Payments Options

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 75% of customers prefer to pay by card. More customers are also moving to contactless options that involve waving their phones or cards in front of payment devices. In addition to straight credit card processing, there are a multitude of value-added features that ISVs can add to their software.  These include:

  • Tokenization – Ideal for software providers that offer scheduled payments, card-on-file billing, or membership models to their customers.
  • Card Account Updater – Allow customers to receive automated account updates to tokenized credit cards on file
  • ACH Processing Capabilities – Help your customers expand their payment acceptance offering by adding ACH processing to your software.
  • Mobile Payments – Easily add card-present payments to your mobile application allowing your customers to accept payments anywhere their business takes them.

Payment Partner

Start the new year off with a survey to your existing customers.  Are they happy with the payments features your software provides today?  Do they have what they need to cost-effectively optimize business operations?

And, don’t forget to check your partnership too.

  • Do you have the control and flexibility your business needs?
  • Are your residuals your leading revenue stream?
  • Does your current partner service your customers in the way that your brand represents?

These are just some of the many concerns you may tackle when auditing the health of your integrations. If you find that your payments partner does not meet your needs —  or you just want to see what else is out there— take our system for a test drive.

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