Three Essential Spa & Salon Payment API Features

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Three Spa & Salon Payment API Solutions for Immersive Experiences

While all businesses look to make their customer’s happy, spas and salons take client satisfaction to an entirely different level by creating a totally immersive ambiance where luxury, relaxation and beauty abound. How can you, the software provider, provide the same experience when it comes to your software? Here are three salon payment API solutions that you should consider:

1. Tokenization

With tokenization, there’s no need for your customers to worry about storing and managing client credit card information. For card-on-file and recurring payments through tokenization customers store an electronic token in their software that represents a client’s credit card account vs. storing the actual cardholder data. As an added benefit, tokens may also allow salons to create point-based loyalty programs for faithful customers.  With data breaches continuing to rise, tokenization is a must-have for any business that needs to store sensitive information.

2. Card Account Updater

Another excellent way to help your customers manage their membership business models is through Card Account Updater.  With Card Account Updater your software users gain the economic benefits of guaranteed payments.  Instead of needing to manually contact customers if a credit card expires, Card Account Updater adjusts the new billing information automatically. Subscriptions continue without interruption and your customers can focus on other spa and salon management tasks that lie outside of collecting credit card payments.

3. Mobile SDK

Since many people take their smartphones everywhere, they’re a great way to streamline payments without sacrificing extras and upsells. With a mobile SDK salon payment API, payments can be taken anywhere in the salon – from the shampoo bowl to the manicure station. Adding a mobile option to your software allows your customers to focus on improved personal attention, since they don’t have to rely on a dedicated POS terminal located elsewhere.

Tokenization and a mobile SDK are just some payment processing solutions that provide optimal customer satisfaction. If you haven’t implemented these technologies yet, now is the perfect time.

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