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How Can Integrated Payments Partnership Programs Be Scalable?

ISVs understand that making sure their customers can seamlessly accept and process payments is crucial. As most ISVs know, there are different options to choose from when it comes to partnering with a payments provider.  What many don’t know is that they don’t have to choose only one option. At Paragon Payment Solutions, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose. What makes sense for your business today may not make sense a year from now.  With our integrated payments partnership’s, we make scalable payments programs a reality.

Types of Payments Partnerships

Referral partnerships have the least amount of responsibility involved. Each time the ISV refers a new account that signs up and processes with the payments partner they get paid. The payments provider is responsible for sales, support and onboarding. This may be the right model initially for many or for one that needs to keep the focus on their core competency: developing software.

For those ISVs who want more control over the process, becoming a payment facilitator may be the best option, whether in a traditional way or in a managed payment facilitator role that removes the risks, liabilities and costs. Conversely, the independent sales organization model means that the ISV serves all the functions of sales and support. The ISO structure may be the right option for those with the staff to provide training and support.

Scalable Payments Programs

What if you could choose to move seamlessly between programs as your business evolves? Paragon lets you decide which structure is right for your business and when – all with our scalable platform. Perhaps your business is best served with different structures for different business units, or you may want to start with a managed payment facilitator model then move into a traditional payment facilitator structure. With Paragon’s single platform, you can have a fully scalable payments program tailored to your business needs.

Watch our video to learn more about our payments programs at Paragon Payment Solutions.

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