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3 Ways to Scale Your Payments Integration

With technology evolving faster than ever, the distance between developing software features and adapting them is becoming wider and wider.  This gap may be one of the biggest threats to global business in both the B2C and B2B worlds. To meet these challenges, software providers should look to future-proof their payment partner solutions in three key ways.

1.  Focus on Development for Mobile Environments

We live in a mobile-first world. Both online and in-store operations are increasingly relying on mobile point-of-sale technologies. As the line between virtual and brick-and-mortar vendors blurs, tooling application development for primarily mobile usage gives your client greater flexibility to use your solutions anywhere they can accept payments.   When evaluating your integrated payments options, make sure your payment partner solutions include a mobile SDK.  With a mobile SDK for payments, software providers should be able integrate to the payment solution provider in their native programming language and access an entire suite of mobile payment devices through a single integration.

2.  Opt for Heightened Security Protocols

Fostering consumer trust is critical to encouraging new and repeat business. Your integrated payments partner must offer PCI scope-reducing security solutions including point-to-point encryption and tokenization.  PCI compliance can be complex and overwhelming, but when you partner with a payments solution provider that is well-informed the task of maintaining compliance is much less daunting.

3.  Don’t Forget Flexibility

Flexibility is another salient characteristic for both your software development and your chosen payment partner solutions. Innovating at the speed of light is a bit cliché, but it illustrates a point. Your development resources and the partnerships you form must allow you to deliver products that take advantage of powerful emerging technologies and meet both your clients’ and their customers’ needs.

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