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Top Integrated Payments Blog Articles of 2018

2018 was a big year here at Paragon.  We’ve published a lot of content this year, here are the top three articles that our readers enjoyed the most.

1.    Benefits of a REST API for Payments

The choice of using a REST API versus SOAP can have a major impact on development time. Here are the advantages of RESTful payment APIs:

  • Universal programming: REST APIs can communicate in many different data formats, from XML to JSON.
  • Reduced development time: By allowing several teams to work independently but simultaneously on payments integration, REST speeds up completion times.
  • Scalability: You don’t have to worry about extensive reprogramming when applying upgrades via stateless REST protocols.

Many developers also find working with REST API protocols simpler than XML, which explains in part why REST represents around 70 percent of public APIs.

2.    Pros and Cons of Becoming a PayFac

Software providers take customer satisfaction very seriously. The desire to remain in control has led some ISVs to take on the role of payment facilitator. What are the advantages?

  • Total control: Accelerate payment integration for your clients, increase brand recognition and guarantee awesome service during onboarding.
  • Reduced transaction costs: By consolidating transactions, merchants may pay less. This reduces overhead and improves profits.

3.     How to Accept Payments in a Mobile App with a Mobile Payment SDK

More and more consumers rely on smartphone apps for payments in online and real-world environments. To create a seamless mobile payments platform, having access to the right software development kit, or SDK, is vital. Paragon’s PURE Mobile SDK makes payments integration easier, allows for greater flexibility and simplifies app publishing. Mobile SDK lets ISVs create the best solutions using their preferred development method.

Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for more fun in 2019. In the meantime, you can read our other blog articles here reading up on other blog articles or check out our documentation library here.


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