What’s Ahead in 2019 for Payment Gateways

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Payments: What’s Ahead for 2019

The payments industry is constantly evolving. As consumers’ and merchants’ needs change, payment gateways must evolve to meet those new needs. For 2019, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are a few of the trends that we think will shape the payments industry and integrated payments this year.

1. Payments as Part of the Experience

Historically, merchants have treated payments as a necessary evil in the shopping experience. Increasingly, sellers are realizing that creating smooth, enjoyable experiences should include the payment process. The solution is native payment options that make checkout feel like a more central part of buying products and services.

Streamlined checkouts with easy-to-use options are making it easier for consumers to shop. For merchants, this means less cart abandonment and higher sales.

2. Increased API Usage

As payments become a more central part of consumer experience design, the technologies that support payments are also changing. Merchants want more niche and specialty solutions from software providers with less reliance on one-size-fits-all point-of-sale solutions.

Payment gateway providers are facilitating this with more open payment solutions and APIs. Software providers have easy integration options and merchants can get more of what they want while making fewer sacrifices. Better integration options will also make it easier to create a native payment experience in 2019.

3. Modernizing Infrastructure

For years, payment technology features have increased without sufficient changes to the underlying infrastructure. In 2019, the number of solution providers offering technologies built on stronger, more secure foundations will increase.

This trend has numerous benefits including enhanced security, real-time processing and easier use. Better yet, the improving infrastructure means that payment gateways will be able to continue evolving in 2019 and beyond to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Getting Ready To Handle What’s Ahead for 2019

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