White Label Payment Gateway Pros and Cons

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White Label Payment Gateways

Integrating payments into your software makes your application extremely attractive. But the doors to economic paradise only swing open with the right payment gateway partner. One question many developers face is whether to white label their gateway integration or use a non-branded gateway in their software. First you may ask, what is a white label payment gateway? These gateways handle secure transaction processing like normal, but with the perk of letting you add your own brand name to the service. If you’re on the fence, here are some pros and cons to help you decide if this is the route you should take.

Why ISVs Love to White Label

Brand recognition: As a software developer, brand recognition is huge. Seeing your logo constantly creates major customer loyalty and gives the customer the confidence that they are using a software that provides a smooth, streamlined operation.

Flexibility: With an integrated payments API that allows you to white label your payment solution, you have near total control over the look and feel of each page.

Customer satisfaction: Some clients dislike redirecting customers to a third-party site when it’s time to pay. With a white label payments gateway, you incorporate payments effortlessly while keeping the user experience consistent.

What To Keep in Mind

Development time: Don’t worry, white label payment gateway options aren’t nearly as complex as you think, especially when you have the right integrated payments partner leading the way.

PCI Compliance Validation: Whether the brand is yours or your payment partner’s — all sensitive information is handled by the payment gateway. Of course, payment APIs with tokenization and point-to-point encryption also go a long way to lighten the load of PCI Compliance.

Not All White Label Payment Gateways Are Created Equal

At Paragon Payment Solutions, we offer:

  • Easy-to-use developer API toolkit
  • Tokenization and recurring payments options
  • Ample customization and branding options
  • P2PE
  • Ability to accept all payment types
  • Mobile payments

Partner with us and design custom software that meets the needs of your customers perfectly.


Ready to see our API or open a test account?  Looking for more information on our Partner Programs?  Are you a merchant with a question?  We are here to help!

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