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Putting Control Squarely in Your Hands: White Label Payments

As a software provider you know what your customers need best when it comes to payments for your software, unfortunately, you may not always have a choice as to what the merchant onboarding process looks like for your customers. With white label payments available through the rising payment facilitation model ISVs are now able to maintain the control over the merchant experience that they’ve been wanting for years.

What Is a Payment Facilitator?

Payment facilitators or white label payments take the heavy lifting out of the merchant setup and implementation process. Merchants can start accepting payments quickly without the traditional paperwork associated with account setup. ISVs that act as a payment facilitator are able to provide a near-immediate onboarding process that allows merchants to seamlessly accept payments in their software within minutes versus days.

Why White Label Payments

White label payments allow you to control the customer experience.  Paragon Payment Solutions white label* payments provide many advantages over the traditional payments integration:

  • Your customers feel more confident as they know and trust your brand
  • You can leverage brand recognition and ensure that you retain full control over the look and feel of each page
  • PCI compliance is facilitated with a secure payment gateway and payment APIs with tokenization and point-to-point encryption

How Paragon Simplifies White Label* Payments

As discussed in previous articles, traditional payment facilitation comes with requirements for ISVs to take on the risk, liability and cost of payment processing, something that is not a fit for all software business models.  Enter in the managed payment facilitation model which allows ISVs to take control of their payments ecosystem but leaves behind the requirements of up-front capital, payments knowledge and liability.

Best of all, as easy as it is for software providers, its just as easy for merchants! With a few key pieces of data and an acceptance of terms and conditions, merchants can be up and running with minimal setup.

It’s time to take control. For more information on how Paragon Payment Solutions can help your business, contact us today.

*advanced branding capabilities with embedded payments provided by Blue Parasol Group.

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