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The Paragon Processing Platform is certified to accept EMV transactions!  Here is what you need to know to to be able to offer EMV to your customers.


EMV is named after the organizations that created the technology specifications, Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.  A card that is enabled with EMV has a microchip that is used to send transaction data.

Magnetic stripe cards have always been targeted by hackers looking to steal and profit from sensitive cardholder data. Once the thief captures the sensitive data that resides on the magnetic strip it’s easy for them to create a new fraudulent credit card.  This fraudulent card can then be used to make card-present transactions. In contrast, the chip on the EMV card cannot be easily reproduced. With EMV the data changes with every transaction, thus any captured information is effectively useless to criminals. The value of EMV technology is that it guarantees the validity of a card, ensuring that it has not been fraudulently reproduced.

In 2015, to incentivize EMV adoption in the U.S., major card brands shifted liability for fraudulent EMV card-present transactions to favor merchants using EMV-enabled devices. Merchants that process transactions using EMV-enabled devices are held liable for fraudulent card-present transaction.   If a customer pays with a fraudulent card on a device that is not equipped with an EMV card reader, the banks will no longer be liable for financial damages. Liability will fall to the merchant.

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