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Scalable Payments Programs


No matter which partnership structure your business chooses, type of integration or even which back-end processor your customer needs, we support it all.

With various payment program structures to choose from — be it Referral Partnerships, ISO options, Managed Payment Facilitator models and Payment Facilitator programs, Paragon is here to support you along the way.

Paragon makes the process of transitioning through all stages of program maturity simple and seamless.

One Platform. One Integration. Endless Opportunities.

PUREFac Managed Payment Facilitator

Managed Payment Facilitation gives you the perks of frictionless boarding and instant auto-approvals but leave the risks, liabilities and costs behind. We’ve got you covered.

Referral Partner

Stay focused on your business with a powerful partner handling payments by your side. Referrals are sent to us and residuals from merchant transaction profits create a lucrative revenue stream to fund growth with very little effort.

PUREFac Payment Facilitator

Let Paragon’s experts guide you through the process of becoming a Payment Facilitator. Payment Facilitator partners receive maximum revenue earning potential and are responsible for controlling sales and operations while also assuming all costs, risk and responsibility for the entire payments process.

ISO Programs

Looking to transform into an ISO? Paragon’s ISO program is here to help you market your point-of-sale solution directly to your customer base, under your name for a cohesive customer experience which can strengthen brand equity.

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