Payment Integration

Ease the pain of credit card integrations with Paragon

Simplifying the integration process for our Developer Partners

Our payment integration is easy!  Whether you are looking for a mobile payments solution, a REST API or a traditional gateway integration we are here to help you every step of the way!

1.  Get Your Test Account

2.  Code & Certify

3.  Go Live!

1.  Get Your Test Account

Registration is quick!  Once registered you have instant access to your test account credentials and all the documentation you need to get started.  Head over to the library and make sure to check out the API Developer’s Guide to learn about all the Paragon Processing Platform transaction requests and responses.

2.  Code & Certify

Once in the Paragon Development corner, begin your certification or have an experienced Paragon integration specialist guide you through the testing process.  Once coding and testing are completed submit your request for certification.   Our team will then perform a detailed review of your integration to make sure your integration meets all your business requirements for success.

3.  Go Live

After final review and testing your software solution is ready to begin taking live payments!  We know, an integration that is easy sounds too good to be true.  Don’t take our word for it. Head over to our developer portal and explore our Payment API’s and more.

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It’s easy.  We promise.

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