Top 10 Signs

It’s Time for a New Payments Partner


Nickel and Dimed: Excessive Merchant Fees

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Has your integrated payments provider become less of a partner and more of a pain?  Paragon is setting the new standard in integrated payments partnerships. And, we’d love to have you along for the ride. During this series, we’re exploring the top 10 areas of dissatisfaction we hear from software providers and sharing how our approach is the painkiller your program has been aching for. If you’d like to jump ahead, download our complete guide Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Consider a New Payments Partner.

Let’s get started with 1 of 10:  Excessive Merchant Fees

Abusive pricing practices run rampant in the merchant services industry—and—in many ways, software providers with integrated payments applications bear the brunt of the burden. This includes (but is by no means limited to) the use of excessive, aggressive pricing tactics where merchants are nickel and dimed for fees that even the merchant services providers themselves can’t explain.

Here are the signs your customers (and your business) are suffering from excessive merchant fees:

  • Customers express frustration and after reviewing monthly processing statements wonder why revenue is leaking from their business.
  • You’ve lost integrated payments revenue because hidden fees have caused customers to switch providers.
  • You’ve lost software customers to competitors because of your processing providers excessive pricing practices.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to reevaluate your integrated payments partner.  Get ready to Experience the Difference.

Why We’re Different

At Paragon, we’re in the business of doing business the right way.  This means, we treat customers fairly while our software partners generate more profit than they ever have. Our merchant fees and pricing structures are legitimate, simple, easy-to-understand and explained up-front during the sales process which results in happy, well cared for customers that remain loyal even when competitors come calling with promises of a lower rate. With Paragon, software partners can rest assured knowing their integrated payments revenue is maximized and well protected while customers are well served.


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