Frictionless Merchant Onboarding

Set Up Payments Within Minutes Not Days

Accelerated & Frictionless Merchant Boarding


Automatic Approvals with Minimal Information & Documentation

As a software provider, get your merchants set up and processing within minutes with Paragon’s frictionless merchant boarding. Merchants can apply for a merchant account with a few key pieces of information and minimal documentation, speeding up the entire application process. At Paragon, frictionless merchant boarding can happen in 30 minutes or less, depending on the industry and volume parameters.

At Paragon, we believe all software providers and their merchants should be able to take advantage of quick boarding times and less paperwork, which is why we offer frictionless merchant onboarding without the heavy lift of becoming a payment facilitator.

Why ISVs Choose Paragon’s Frictionless Merchant Boarding:

  • Software providers can get their customers up and running within minutes, leading to an increased revenue stream with integrated payments.
  • Offering this feature helps strengthen your brand’s value propositions and sets you apart from your competition.
  • Promotes a positive customer experience with a simple approach to payment processing.

Why Merchants Love Paragon’s Frictionless Merchant Boarding:

  • A truly simple setup; all that’s needed is a few key pieces of information.
  • Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on risk. Paragon’s advanced algorithms help complete the normally time-consuming due diligence required during the merchant application process.
  • With reduced setup time merchants can process payments using their software within minutes.

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