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Fully Integrated Mobile Payments

PURE Mobile is Paragon’s secure, highly configurable mobile SDK that is the go-to choice for ISVs looking for a mobile payments solution.

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Mobile Solutions

With a secure, yet flexible approach to mobile payment software development and an array of compatible device options, the Paragon Mobile SDK is the go-to choice for ISVs looking for a solution to enable card-present payments for their mobile applications while simplifying PCI compliance.

Our mobile SDK for payments allows ISVs to integrate to the Paragon Processing Platform in their native programming language and access our entire suite of mobile payment devices via a single, simple integration. Merchants benefit from mobile payments as they can use the ISVs software app to take payments anytime, anywhere using their Paragon merchant account.

Why ISVs Choose Our Mobile SDK:

  • Provides a simple integration by handling the connectivity between the mobile hardware devices, an ISVs mobile app and our Processing Platform.
  • The Mobile SDK eliminates the need for developers to code to multiple card-reading devices.
  • The Mobile SDK supports iOS and Android operating systems.

Why Merchants Love Our Mobile SDK:

  • Merchants have access to full transaction processing capabilities including sale, auth, force, void and credit.
  • With a wide array of mobile card reading devices to choose from, businesses of all types and sizes can take advantage of mobile payments.
  • Those on the go have the ability to take payments anywhere their business takes them.

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