Cardholder Data – Out of Software, Out of Mind

Protect Your Customers 

Point to point encryption (P2PE)  is the best way to secure cardholder data.  P2PE removes ISVs and merchants from the business of payment card security, effectively reducing the risk, liability, and costs associated with secure credit card acceptance.

train moving in tunnel to represent point to point encyrption

Point-to-Point Encryption

Featuring a simple integration experience for developers and widely accepted as the best way to secure cardholder data in flight, Paragon’s point-to-point encryption (P2PE) protects cardholder data at the point of entry (manual key-entry, card-swipe or insert), rendering it useless to hackers.

ISVs that choose to use this technology, completely remove cardholder data from their software, letting the P2PE technology do all the work of protecting sensitive cardholder data vs. having this burden lie within the software application.

Software applications that use P2PE are considered out-of-scope of PCI compliance.

Merchants that use P2PE to process card transactions protect their customers and simplify PCI compliance scope by removing the access and handling of cardholder data from their payment environment.

Point of Entry Devices

All of Paragon’s hardware devices are designed to protect businesses from the instant cardholder data is exchanged. Our comprehensive line of devices contributes to easy implementation for the ISV and plug-in-and-process functionality for merchants.  Our EMV-enabled devices range from simple terminals to multi-lane devices addressing the needs of all business types and sizes.

Why ISVs Choose P2PE:

  • Ease of integration. It’s that simple.
  • Removes the software application from scope of PCI compliance.
  • Gives ISVs a competitive benefit in which they can offer their customers technology that reduces their exposure to the risk of fraud and financial liability that comes as a result of handling cardholder data.

Why Merchants Love P2PE:

  • Drastically reduced PCI compliance requirements.
  • Peace of mind knowing that their business is protected with the latest cardholder data security.
  • A suite of plug-and-play devices to choose from that all come standard with Paragon’s P2PE.

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