Payment Processing Plugins

Remove Payment Integration from Your Roadmap

Plugins are a Quick & Easy Way to Process Payments

Plugins can offer an integrated payments like solution without heavy development involvement.

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Payment Plugins

We understand that not all software applications are designed to handle full payment integrations. Is your application built for plugins rather than direct integration? No problem; Paragon offers a full line of payment processing plugin solutions.

Paragon’s plugins are all plug-and-play with the option to customize as needed to fit the unique needs of our merchant customers. With the Paragon line of plugin solutions software providers can offer their customers the easiest and quickest way to process payments.  No integration is required and customer implementation is easy!

Why ISVs Choose Our Payment Plugins:

  • Adding payments to your application strengthens customer relationships by offering yet another business solution.
  • Say goodbye to development work, and hello to an instant payments module.
  • Your customers work directly with Paragon to implement the module, removing the time and hassle from your workload.

Why Merchants Love Our Payment Plugins:

  • A truly simple setup; all that’s needed is to download the plugin and a Paragon merchant account.
  • Just because it’s a plugin doesn’t mean it mean we’ve skimped on features. Merchants have everything they need to accept and manage credit, debit and ACH payments.
  • Tokenization is available in some Paragon plugins for merchants that need secure card-on-file or scheduled billing.

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