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More than just a reporting portal, PUREsight is a self-service merchant transaction and customer management platform featuring real-time authorization and capture reporting, virtual terminal, recurring billing, as well as settlement and chargeback reporting, and access to billing statements. With PUREsight, users can easily manage merchant processing accounts and process transactions through a single sign-on. Featuring an interactive user guide, merchants have access to helpful resources including supporting documentation, release notes, FAQs and more, for an exceptional customer experience.

Access to transaction data allows ISVs to more efficiently serve and support their customers, and it empowers merchants to quickly manage expectations and better understand their business.

Why ISVs Choose PUREsight:

  • Create greater customer value by offering a best-in-class, third-party reporting solutions to complement your software application’s functionality.
  • Provide customers with a secondary processing option in the event your software application becomes unavailable with Virtual Terminal.
  • With white label capabilities, create a seamless, consistent user experience when customers navigate between your software application and

Why Merchants Love PUREsight:

  • Through a single sign on, merchants have access to everything required for simple transaction management.
  • Businesses and organizations drive better decision making by staying informed with real-time transaction data.
  • With a truly intuitive user interface, accessing advanced data reporting and analysis has never been easier.

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