Reporting & Virtual Terminal

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Real-time Reporting and Transaction Back-up, Everyone Benefits

Paragon’s online reporting of payment transactions gives ISVs and merchants access to a comprehensive selection of reports.

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Reporting & Virtual Terminal

Designed to encourage transparency and to enhance service quality, our robust reporting simplifies business decisions by providing a clear view into transaction and settlement data. Online reporting enables instant, real-time access to authorizations, transaction history and summary reporting. Access to transaction data allows ISVs to more efficiently serve and support their customers, and it empowers merchants to quickly manage expectations and better understand their business.

In the unlikely event customers are unable to process payments through their software application, our Virtual Terminal provides business continuity by turning any PC or tablet into a POS. Customers enjoy the convenience of processing payments online while securing cardholder data and gaining access to real-time transaction reporting. There is no need for ISVs to worry about adding this feature to their integration as the Virtual Terminal comes standard with all Paragon merchant accounts.

Why ISVs Choose Paragon’s Reporting:

  • Easily manage your portfolio with access to reports and tools such as summary reporting and detailed merchant reporting.
  • Reports can be customized by a variety of parameters allowing ISVs to effortlessly view and manage their portfolios.
  • With visibility into 13 months’ worth of reporting, software providers can better manage their overall portfolio and profitability. 

Why Merchants Love Paragon’s Reporting:

  • Merchants can quickly and easily view transaction histories, monitor ongoing transactions and answer questions about past transactions.
  • With all the necessary transaction details at your fingertips, you gain the day to day insights you need to understand the overall health of your business.
  • With the Paragon Virtual Terminal, you can also view transactions in real-time as they traverse through the Paragon Processing Platform.

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