PURE Tokenization

Featuring Card Account Updater

Securely Bill and Update Cards-on-File

Paragon’s credit card tokenization technology is perfect for businesses that need to securely access cardholder data, except without the risk of handling and storing sensitive credit card information.  Tokenization technology replaces stored cardholder data with a non-sensitive token that is mathematically irreversible.

abstract of computer chip and numbers to represent tokenization

Tokenization & Card Account Updater

Credit card tokenization is ideal for software providers that offer card-on-file billing, scheduled payments or membership models to their customers. Merchants that use tokenization can easily and securely capture repeat sales without having to continuously re-enter cardholder data, improving the customer experience and streamlining business operations.

By protecting cardholder data at rest, this time saving solution minimizes the risk of fraud and reduces the scope of PCI compliance for merchants and software providers alike.

Our tokenization technology is even more powerful when used in conjunction with the Paragon Card Account Updater service, which allows merchants to receive seamless account updates to tokenized credit cards on file. Developers can easily enable and manage this service through their software application by adding the Card Account Updater service to their integration.

Why ISVs Choose Tokenization:

  • Developers can focus on developing the software they specialize in and leave the security to the experts.
  • Easy add-on to existing or new software integrations to the Paragon Processing Platform.
  • Reduces PCI compliance requirements for software providers since the stored cardholder data is isolated from the application.

Why Merchants Love Tokenization:

  • Liability of storing cardholder data is eliminated, while business functionality is retained.
  • Super convenient as merchants can quickly create a token for easy card-on-file billing or scheduled recurring transactions.
  • Makes PCI compliance easy since sensitive cardholder data is removed from the merchant’s environment.

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