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You’ve built the perfect software for your specialized vertical.  Now you need the perfect partner that understands your business and your customers.  Look no further than Paragon Payment Solutions!  As a specialized payments provider in a few select industries your customers will receive the superior hands on service and support they deserve.

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Add Paragon to your specialty software and give your customers the holistic solution their patrons demand.  Experience the Paragon difference with flexible partnership structures and highly customized programs crafted to help you achieve strong growth and profitability.

  • Through a single integration, your customers can choose from a variety of payment devices. 
  • Offer card-on-file payments, recurring billing and secure cardholder storage with PURE Tokenization.
  • Easily add Card Account Updater to prevent recurring charges from declining.
  • Add mobile payments and give your customers the ability to accept credit cards on-the-go. 

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From traditional revenue/referral structures to agent and ISO to Payfac, we have the perfect programs to grow and evolve with your business.

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